Bike Riding and Touring in Southern Africa


Generally weather conditions in Southern Africa are warm and comfortable. Summers can be very warm with temperatures in the mid 30 degrees Celsius. Well ventilated gear is recommended for these conditions. Winters in particularly the South Africa can be quite cool, but riding between 09h00 and 16h00 on even the coldest days in moderate winter gear is still very pleasant. Rainfall in the interior is generally in the form of short thunderstorms in the late afternoons, however coastal areas sometimes experience frontal rain for longer periods. Detailed forecasts on current weather conditions can be viewed at and

Other Clothing:

Casual clothing is acceptable in most South African venues. Summers are characterized by casual shorts and shirts which are substituted in the winter by trousers or jeans and a jacket or pullover.


All BMW models run on unleaded 95 octane fuel. Top up oil for all models is 15W-40 multigrade oil and is available at all fuel stations within South Africa and most of our neighboring countries. In remote areas outside of South Africa, fueling may occasionally be a problem, but information from the local residents, or passing over landers should alert you to the availability of fuel in these areas.


Malaria within Southern Africa is only prevalent in a few areas. It is encountered mainly in

northern and eastern Mpumalanga, northern Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the border areas of the

Limpopo and North West Provinces.

Malaria is also common in the lower lying areas of Swaziland. It can also be found throughout Mozambique and Zimbabwe, and much of Botswana. Northern Namibia is also a malaria area.

Should you be visiting these areas malaria precautions are advised.

Malaria transmission is at its highest during the warmer and wetter months of November through to April. From May through to October the risks of acquiring malaria are reduced. Please consult your general practitioner on a suitable prophylactic.


An array of hotels of varying quality are available throughout Southern Africa. Bed and breakfast establishments as well as guesthouses are becoming increasingly popular and are available from budget to luxury tastes. The "African Experience" can also be enjoyed at many varying levels of luxury at the numerous establishments within and bordering our many nature reserves.

Rules of the Road:

Southern African countries drive on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road. Road quality is generally excellent in most of Southern Africa; however, potholed sections may be encountered in certain rural areas.

Medical Insurance:

Medical cover is recommended. Please consult your service provider for options in Southern Africa.

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